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Whether you are a small library that is just starting an English as a Second Language collection, a library that is trying to develop an existing collection, or a group that offers tutoring, joining LEARN can provide important feedback and useful contacts.

Librarians: Benefits of Membership

  • Materials Selection: Network with other librarians to identify the best materials to purchase.
  • Interlibrary Loan: Learn which libraries have unique materials or resources so that patrons can be referred to these libraries or so that items may be interlibrary loaned.
  • Funding: Learn about potential sources of grant money.
  • Marketing: Coordinate with other libraries in jointly advertising resources to the public, or get ideas on how to do your own marketing.
  • Become active in the referral process directing patrons to the appropriate services and organizations.
  • Have a voice in the decision making that is guiding literacy efforts in your area.

If you work in a library and are interested in becoming a member, please contact Joe Popowitch at

Tutoring Organizations: Benefits of Membership

  • ESL Collections: Learn which libraries have ESL resources and have a voice in determining how those collections will be developed.
  • Recruiting More Tutors: Coordinate with libraries to recruit new tutors for your organization.
  • Establish a System of Referrals: Develop contacts at the libraries so that students may be directly referred to a librarian or department for materials, or so that new students may be referred to your organization.
  • Space Availability: Discover where there is space available to tutor students or train tutors.

There is a great demand for tutors of English as a Second Language. If you are a non-profit organization in the Chicago area which offers ESL classes or tutoring, please email Joe Popowitch at


Many colleges offer English as a Second Language classes. LEARN wants to fully inform instructors at these colleges of the library resources available to them and their students. In addition, because we greatly value input from teachers, we encourage adult ESL instructors in the Chicago area to email Joe Popowitch at