Swanstravaganza Powerpoint


  1. ICIRR & Citizenship Corners, including Los Angeles Citizenship site
  2. Citizenship Assistance (Dagmara Avelar, davelar@icirr.org)
  3. Citizenshipworks
  4. Nonprofit Agencies Providing Free or Low-Cost Assistance with Immigration Matters
  5. Schaumburg’s Citizenship Ceremony (Helen Stewart, hstewart@stdl.org)
  6. Glenside Library’s Citizenship Study Group (Dave Jansen, djansen@glensidepld.org)
  7. Indian Prairie Library’s Free Legal Consultations for Immigrants and Citizenship 101 Presentation

A Few More Things to Know About

  1. National Literacy Directory
  2. Partnering with Outside Groups: They need study space, help with recruiting volunteers, and money.
  3. More Funding Opportunities: LSTA Grants and Presentation by Beth Paoli
  4. Adult New Reader Clubs
  5. Waukegan Library’s Promotores
  6. Pulling the ESL Collection off Dewey (Under Oct. 2014 Minutes)